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Precision High Speed All Geared Lathe Machines

et 0.1

Brief Technical Specifications

Bed Length 1640 & 1890
Admit between Centers 750 & 1000
Bed Width 302
Centre Height 200 & 250
Spindle Hole 55

Standard Features & Accessories:

Hardened & Ground Bedways, Hardened & Profile Ground Headstock Gears, Norton Gear Box, Dog Chuck Plate, True Chuck Plate, Centre Adaptor, Dead Centre – 2 Nos., Tool Post Spanner, Oil Can, 3 HP (Class-F) Electric Motor with Push Button type operating panel and Instructions & Spare Parts Manual.

Extra Accessories:

Steady Rest, Follow Rest, Face Plate, Taper Turning Attachment, Coolant System, Rear Tool Post with Long Cross Slide, Machine Lamp, Rear Splash Guard, Quick Change Tool Post with Tool Holders, Turcite-B coated Carriage Guideways for Bed, A2-6 Spindle Nose, DP / Module Gears, Metric Pitch Screws, Chuck and Special Attachments as per Customers' requirements.

Brief Detailed Specifications
Model et-1.0
Length of Bed 1890 (6'3")
Max. admit between Centers 1000
Width of Bed 302
Spindle Hole 55
Spindle Nose A2-6
Nos. of Spindle Speed & Range 8 / 70 to 1600 RPM
Bed Type 2V & 2 Flat
Height of Centre 250
Max. Swing over Bed Dia. 500
Max. over Cross Slide Dia. 350
Tail Stock Spindle Dia. 54
Taper of Centers MT-3
Tail Stock Spindle Travel 140
Cross Slide Travel 200
Compound Slide Travel 110
Tool Post Size (Square) 100 x 100
Tool Shank Section 25 x 25
Lead Screw Dia. & Pitch 32, 6 MMP
Nos. of Metric. Threads & Range 24 / 0.5 - 7 MMP
Nos. of Inch Threads & Range 24 / 56 - 4 TPI
Nos. of Module Threads & Range Optional: 18 / 0.25 – 1.75
Nos. of DP Threads & Range Optional: 18 / 16 - 112
Nos. of Longitudinal Feeds 24 / 0.045 - 0.63 mm
Nos. of Transverse Feeds 24 / 0.015 - 0.21 mm
Power of AC Motor (HP) Standard: 3 HP | Optional: 5 HP
Weight (Approx. in kgs) 1300

Salient Features


All Gears and Spindle are Hardened & Ground made from special alloy steel. Positive Vee alignment on Bed. Electromagnetic Brake with Foot Pedal to stop the main Spindle.


Rigid construction with heavy cross ribs mounted on heavier leg base. Hardened & Ground wider guideways.


Carriage coated with Turcite-B lining for guideways of Bed. Long Cross Slide with T-Slots at rear end. Cross Slide Screw with Backlash eliminator.


Drop worm type arrangement for easy feed engagement and disengagement. Convenient located levers & wheels for easy operations. Interlocking mechanism against simultaneous engagement of longitudinal feed, cross feed and threading.


Rigid heavier construction with Hardened & Ground Spindle. Dual locking arrangement for firm locking with Bed.

Feed Box

Universal Feed Box to serve wide range of Feeds and Threads: Standard: Metric & Inch Optional: DP & Module